What we are doing this week in literacy is creating a new story and making a story graph for it. Our story can be anything we like and you are aloud to choose a story start from your book. My story is about a girl who has just been in a tornado, but she survives except she loses her best friend. Then she walks to another town and a tsunami comes. She becomes paralized and is told she will never walk again.
For maths we have been learning a lot about decimals, adding, subtracting, multiplying, changing to fractions, putting them on number lines and more. Now we are learning about fractions. We are creating show me’s about something we learnt about fractions and putting them on our blog.

Student challenge number 10

10 Jobs I Would Do In The Future

I would definately love to be a kindergarden teacher! The little kids are really cute and funny and I love to watch them learn, laugh and play. This is definately my dream job to work with young children and to help them grow.

I would love to work at an ice-cream shop when I’m older. It’s obvious that this job is awesome because ice-cream is delicous and if you work there you get ice-cream for free. I would definately be very tempted to have an ice-cream while I’m working there and I would make sure that I got every single flavour.

I would love to work at a hair dresser. When I am bored I just start playing with my hair and other peoples hair. I also make up my own really cool hairstyles that I would use to do on other people. Doing hair is definately one of my hobbies so this would be an ideal job for me.

I would love to be a make up artist. Being a make up artist would be sooo much fun, you would get to meet all different kinds of celebrities and put make up on them. I love to put make up on myself for if I have a party or some kind of celebration, but if I do it as a job I’de get to do it all the time.

I would love to be a fashion designer. I love shopping and searching for all kinds of clothes, but if I’m a fashion designer I’de even get to design my own clothes and wear them myself. It would be really cool to find out that lots of other people from all around the world was wearing clothes that I designed.

I would love to be able to make my own jewellery. This would be one of the best jobs because if you know how to make your own jewellery you can make some for yourself and wear it every where you go. This is another sort of job that would be good to see people from all around the world wearing your jewellery that you made.

I would love to own a lolly shop. This would be agreat job because when no ones in the shop buying lollies you can quickly take some lollies and gobble them all up. I would call this shop “A Little Cup Of Sugar”.

I would love to be a zoo keeper. It would be lots of fun finding out different types of animals and what they eat and what there habitat is like. I also love and care for all animals and it would be a great experience to feed them and look after them.

I would love to be a famous swimmer. Swimming is my favourite sport and I love it with a passion. This is another one of my dream jobs and I reall hope I get to be one when I’m older. My favourite stroke is brest stroke and I hope that if this is my job when I’m older that brest stroke is my event.

I would love to work at a shoe shop. I love shoes so much and if I got to work at a shoe shop I would be able to get shoes almost for free, that would be awesome! I also love to look at all the different shoes, if they’re boots or flat heels or any other shoes, I just love to look at them.

Student Blogging Challenge – Favourites

10 Of My Favourite Things

Ice-cream is the most amazing food in the world! I love ice-cream, it tastes so good and when your really hot you just have an ice-cream and it is sooo refreshing. My favourite flavour ice-cream is licorice because I love licorice by itself and it tastes even better when its with ice-cream and it also has lots of peices of licorice in it. Mmmmmmm yummy.
The warmth from the fur was soft and smooth. Cuddling a dog is like hugging a big panda its the best thing to do if your sad or cold. Dogs are the cutest things ever! They are so fluffy and soft and I love how they are so tiny. My dog was a maltise poodle and she was just adorable and I love how she had such a wet, shiny nose and little floppy ears. When its cold in winter you just snuggle up to them and they keep you nice and warm.

The water was splashing onto my arm, the water was nice and cool as I was very hot from all the swimming and excercise. Swimming is the greatest sport ever! I absolutely love swimming its my favourite sport. It’s so much fun just getting into the pool and start swimming around. My favourite stroke is brest stroke because its a very calm stroke and I like to glide in the water nice and smoothly.

The music is so loud. Being here is the best place to be, at the One Direction concert. I love One Direction they are the best boyband ever they sing fantastic songs and they are very catchy too. Listening to there voices are like listening to birds chiming in the trees.

The sparkly pink shoes glimmer in the sunlight. They are beautiful they fit just perfect. I love them, I want them, I buy them. Shoes are the best things to shop for, there are just sooo many different shoes to choose from, but I love them all, every single shoe looks fabulous.

It was raining cats and dogs outside. I put some popcorn in the microwave and opened a packet of lollies. I sat on the couch and started to watch my favorite movie, Pitch Perfect.

I was in the middle of a scary dream, I couldn’t sleep and dream about something nice. Until I snuggled up to my pillow pet. It was warm and soft and it made me feel better straight away. I love my pillow pet, its a unicorn.

I was laying in bed about to fall asleep. I decided that I would like to read my book, Meet Lina. I really enjoy this book, its definately the best book, I rate it a 9 out of 10. I hope lots of other people read this book and see how talented the author is, Sally Rippin.

I was laying in a comfortable position on the couch watching my favourite show, Glee. I am absessed with Glee, its definately the best show ever. They all have great voices and I hope they always will because its such a pleasure to listen to.


I was at a sleepover eating my favourite lollies. They felt nice and soft in my mouth. The lollies were fruit chews, they taste scrumptious and very delightful. I would easily be able to live off them.




This week, on Monday I showed my science experiment to my homeroom. I was very nervous at first and when I was actually doing the experiment I was shaking alot, but then once I had finished the experiment I was just saying to myself “why was I so nervous because it wasn’t even that scary”. You’re probably wondering what my experiment was, well it was “a floating paperclip”. The things that you need is: paperclip, plastic container, water, paper towel, pen.
What you do:
Step1: Put the water into the container and put the paperclip in, you will see that it sinks.
Step 2: Place the paper towel on the surface of the water, make sure that it floats
Step 3: Carefully put the paperclip on top of the paper towel
Step 4: Stab the paper towel down with the end of the pen until it touches the bottom
Step 5: Watch and you will see that the paperclip floats
The reason that this happened was because of the surface tension. Surface tension means that the surface of the water is tight which helps to hold it up. It only worked when you put the paperclip on top of the paper towel because the surface of the paper towel is much greater than the surface of the paperclip which also makes it easier to float.

Challenge 5- Secrets

I was walking along in a dark forest late one night with my friends Ruby and Grace, when suddenly we saw a sign saying “A secret hides in this forest”. We look around, but there was nothing to be seen. So we just ducked under and kept walking. Then we heard a woooooooo noise. We turned on our torches and looked all around, but there was absolutely nothing there. I started saying that we should go back, but Grace and Ruby were curious to find out what it was, so of course we kept on going. It was starting to get really dark and creepy and Grace and Ruby were getting really excited to find out what the noise was. Then again we heard woooooooooo and saw a bright flash as quick as a bolt of lightning. We were all starting to get scared at this point and just at that moment our torches ran out of battery. We all screamed, we quickly ran as fast as we could, but we kept hearing the wooooooo noise and we couldn’t even see where we were going so we started getting lost. All of a sudden I heard someone say BOO, I screamed before I even thought about turning around to see who it was. Then I my eyes opened, I was in my own bed safe and sound at home. I can’t believe it I was dreaming that whole time. Well at least it was just a horrible nightmare. Then I heard a woooo noise, could this be the start to a whole new adventure.